411 ALERT: New Discovery – VeeNo, Rapper Of The Moment.

VeeNo is a one of a kind Nigerian breed rapper, choked with the analogies of J.Cole and a little bit of B.o.B. He is currently schooling in Ghana but also has awesome performances in Las Gidi tagline to his name. His new mix-tape DREAM already spreads like wildfire in Ghana and very soon, BOOM at your face in Nigeria. Click, clack away on the link below to listen to DREAM. LoL. iBlab, what do you do?



  1. Krazy Bonez says:

    Heard dream and some other of his tracks, didn’t believe an african could do such wonders…. Vina baba kip it up bro.

  2. Nice job revyyy

  3. djswaggmore says:

    Nice one man keep it going

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