Vampire Diaries New Episode – She’s Come Undone – Review.

I took a break from posting trying to find my inner muse and I guess I just did with the new episode of VD. First and foremost I wanna deeply apologize to the writer for doubting his/her ability to literally blow my mind, not that am in a sick bed or anything but damn!. “Without emotions” Elena is freakin.. amazing, was getting bored of her been bad at first but yesterday’s episode had me thinking otherwise and the way she settles down to tease you with her words is outstanding – could swear I saw a little bit of Damon in her-, she had me in “Shout Mode” the entire time. For all those of you who have watched it am sure the feeling is mutual. For those who haven’t well, Elena is back but filled with hate for Katherina which is lovely, Damon did what he always does as usual – be awesome – and brought Elena back to her Humanity side and Stefan did what he does best – stayed back and enjoyed the show. LoL. iBlab, what do you do?.

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