John Legends talks about ‘lust at first sight’ towards Chrissy.

The ‘Tonight’ crooner, John Legend shares juicy details about his first encounter with super model fiance Chrissy Teigen. We felt this vibe in between us, wouldn’t tag it as “love at first sight” when we first met but there was something there – he reveals.

The awesome couple met at the set of a music video in 2007 and ever since then, well a ring says it all.

The 34-year-old singer admits he was a little bit “anxious” about popping up the big question to his super-hot girlfriend in 2011, but “knew” the time was right.

“We lived together, cooked together, did everything together. I knew that I loved being around her and missed her whenever we were apart. You gradually realise, ‘I want to do this forever.’ ” he also added.

A message to Cupid, John Legend is off the market, one down a billion more to go. Lol. iBlab what do you do?.

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