Bandmates “What Now” talk about their journey so far.

The cut “ We all exist, but only the brave gets to live ” was put to test by band-mates (What Now) in their strive for utmost success. The post-rock outfit band who could have settled for tempting offers from various SA record labels had their eyes on a bigger stage ‘The World Stage’. So the Durban band, which is lead by Tyron Layley, Ryan Morris and Adam Jenkins sold their stuffs and moved to London with nothing but what seemed to be a bogus ultimatum at that point in time: “make music and become internationally accepted”. This wasn’t the outcome at least not for the first three years Morris reveals.

“We were broke, depressed and didn’t have a clue where to play,”. –Whoa!! Hustling really is hard–

“It took its toll on us and eventually we split up for three years. We all formed other bands, but still kept in touch. Then after three years, one night we got together over a beer and decided we missed making music together,” says Layley.

Now the good part.

Layley says it sort of happened by chance: “We were writing the follow up to our EP ‘Take Control’ and our publisher asked us if we were interested in writing a track for CSI:NY. We had never done something like that before, so we took a swing at it and the writing process for that was so different that it inspired us to write the whole album in a similar way.”

Nowadays they are busy on tours in the wonderful cities Europe encompasses with some of their favorite bands and from time to time play in UK’s music hotspot.

Advice from (What Now) to other bands with such dreams: “Don’t expect an easy ride. Grow a thick skin. Never stop learning and be as creative as you can be. Don’t try and copy other bands…be original.”. iBlab what do you do?.

Get familiar with What Now. Watch the official video for their first single ‘Move like a Sinner’.

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