Mass Brawl At Robbie Williams Wembley Concert.

The night didn’t go as expected for the rest of Robbie William fans as over 2o men and women decided to partake in a fist and feet fight triggered by downing a lot of alcohol hence, beers and kicks been thrown back and forth. The “drunk 20” wrestled it out in the mist of alarmed bystander fans who tried as much as possible to stay away from their newly formed arena. According to the images below you would see men stripped of their shirts, a woman repeatedly leaving her shoe print on a man’s face, it was crazy!. The security team in coloured bibs eventually make it to the scene to dissolve the dispute. Arrest were made at the end of the day but no one has decided to press charges as they have all decided to blame it on the alcohol. Lol. iBlab, what do you do?.











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