Movie star, Emma Robert Plays August Cover Girl For Nylon Magazine.

Movie star Emma Roberts graced us with her presence and a chunk of her personal deets on the August issue of Nylon magazine available for sell from July 30 on newsstands.
Here is a bit of what the 22 year-old Nylon cover girl had to input.

On her relationship with boyfriend Evan Peters: “We first met at a dinner party, and then we worked together on a movie [Adult World], which we did not date during. We didn’t get along, actually – he wouldn’t speak to me. But it turned out that we both liked each other, so months later, we started dating, which worked out for the best.”

On her mostly good-girl image: “I can’t say I’m never going to mess up, but if I do, I’ll definitely be very sorry.”

On her housekeeping skills: “People come over and go, ‘Oh! Did you just move in?’ My stuff is a mess. I had someone decorate my house and it went very wrong, to the say the least. Now, it’s kind of half of what they did and half of me trying to fix it. And clothes everywhere. I am not neat. My closet looks like a sorority house in disarray.”

Below is a couple pics of Emma during her private photo-shoot for the magazine. iBlab, what do you do?

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