Kit Harington Claims Season 4 of ‘The Game Of Thrones’ is So Far His Favorite.


Kit Harington identified way too often for his role-play as the infamous bastard of late Ned Stark sworn to a regime of endless celibate moments in HBO beloved TV Series ‘Game of Thrones’, discloses in recent dialogue session with HUFFINGTON POST a teaser release.
According to Kat it’s a must see. Here is a glimpse of what he shared:
“I’ve just finished reading [the Season 4 scripts] and I genuinely think it’s my favorite one so far. And that sounds like I’m pulling your leg. I’m not. I’m not doing the actor thing of saying ‘each season is brilliant’ because I have to. I think it’s a really powerful season. It’s very action-filled. Last season was a big impact season, this season is very action-packed. On paper it looks incredible, whether we can pull it off, who … knows!”. iBlab, what do you do?.

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