New Discovery: Veeno – Hold Somebody (New Music)


Aina Abiodun Vincent (born April 15) recognized mainly by his stage name Veeno, deduced at a very young age of 16 his deep roots for rap and has over the years been fully-fledged, with self-composed lyrics and recordings to show for it. Here is a track off his upcoming mix-tape LP.
Veeno is at the moment working on his first mix-tape album entitled ‘GRADUATION’ which depicts his genuine talent with verses that fickle from Hip-hop to Afro-pop. The Nigeria based rapper has enlisted ‘Dream,’ ‘Throway,’ and ‘Hold Somebody’ for now as the only songs off the official track listings for his forthcoming mix-tape.
The independent lad, free of a record label has been tagged for energetic performances on various free platform and over the past year, engaged in one or two self-paid contributions to share the stage with other artist. iBlab, what do you do?.

If you had a nice summer here’s the rite way to end it. Click, clack away on the link below to end your summer with a single identified more for it’s sic lyrics.

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