Chris Brown Retaliates Shameful Remarks Made About Him By Perez And Wendy Williams.

Its been a long-time coming that’s all the feedback I can offer in reference to the two buff chicks in question.

Chris Brown once again regains the press heavyweight title for the wrong reason after disclosing the loss of his virginity at age 8 in a recent interview.

Wendy who had Perez Hilton on her show, a combo for disaster couldn’t but share highlights of the worst thoughts that come to mind when he hears the name Chris Brown.

Chris Brown known to retaliate snarky comments made at him, took a fair share in the right direction on his twitter page with only two tweets.

Wendy Williams notoriously known to cast the first stone finally felt a pound of her own methods, a remedy I recommend for the self-righteous.

iBlab what do you do?

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