Watch New “Miley Cyrus – Adore You” Video and Reaction to Initial Leak.


Miley Cyrus is probably the most searched word on YouTube after “twerking” this year; okay truth be told she’s not but that just explains how much buzz she has raised in the past couple of months, from shaking her butt on this year’s Mtv Awards to posing nude in music video “Wrecking Ball” there is no telling what she’s going to pull next which can be quite exasperating for her fellow Bangerz! #Lol . Well someone got tired of waiting and in participation to the whole Christmas feista modified the release date.
The 21 year old fearless artist who took to her Twitter account to begin the countdown of her new video “Adore You”, a lovely song by way received a f-cked up present way ahead of us all from an unknown alias whom in the misconceived Christmas spirit of giving leaked the video showning a fetching Miley filming herself in a handheld video camera before changing into a lace bodysuit and soaking in a tub.

Did Miley have something to say about the incidence? You can bet she did!

Read Below.

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