Do We Want a Snapchat Internet?


Snapchat is the breakthrough technology companies have been searching for, although some are not aware of it they will! Sooner or later.

A lot of skeptical beliefs about the new ephemeral internet app Snapchat, have been shared in favor of the sickening mantra that everything on the internet should actually stay on the internet; need i remind anyone that cares that this is not Las Vegas, the land of party and fun experiences where debauchery and losing big or winning big is the whole point of your visit.

People tend to forget the power of the “delete” button it can determine if as an unfaithful Congressman you would be attending the next stake dinner party hosted by the President around this time, next holiday period.

Snapchat is just an app someone said to me, am fully aware of its status but imagine a world where your mistakes are not held over your head forever, a world where you are in full control of your confidential or personal details or thoughts. Of course we can’t neglect the fact that the deployment of this technology result in some severe side effects like your inability to look up an old picture every time you feel nostalgic or where computers wouldn’t always feed you suggestions based on your history, since your history would be incomplete. 

I could list a thousand and one reasons as to why Snapchat is a way forward in technology history, but we all have our own preference so i would rather ask you. What do you feel? Do you want to live on an Eraseable internet, the Snapchat internet, where your information is your information and whoever sees your picture is fully in your control or you support the current way it is? Need i remind you that sooner or later it is all going to change so do you feel tech buddies should continue on their tiresome search to new invention or focus on this present insight and pummel for new breakthroughs. 

If you have no idea on how Snapchat runs you should check it out, cool app.

iBlab, what do you do?   


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