Justin Bieber New Movie “Believe” Flops In Box Office Ranking.


Maybe Justin was right after all, his initial plan to retire was a great choice and he should have stuck with it through thick and thin, at least he wouldn’t have had to witness this humiliating figures. I don’t think he’s leaving the music scene anytime soon. You know what, he needs to, scratch that, has to redeem himself. OMG, don’t get me wrong $2.1 million is a lot but for Justin, that just means he needs to get to work; release an album, sell a new fragrance of perfume, write a book, anything just to prove he’s still got it.

According to the box office Justin’s new documentary “Justin Bieber’s Believe” was a complete flop earning only $4.2 million in its first week of release. From Friday to Sunday they grossed just $2.1 million which is a slap on his face in comparison to his previous documentary “Justin Bieber: Never Say Never” which grossed $29.5 million in its first weekend opening and a sundry of $73 million in North America.

It is believed that at the end, the doc might not gross up to $10 million in total, which is just sad for JB.

The “Believe” singer who tweeted a day before the release of “Believe” that he would be retiring from music took to twitter once again to redact his statement saying he is “never leaving” because “being a Belieber is a lifestyle.” I guess they needed a lot more convincing.

If only beliebers understood it was just a retirement joke.

iBlab, what do you do?

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