Prince William Makes A Comeback For School.

No royal knows it all after all as Prince William will be heading back to school to partake in a 10 weeks Agricultural programme.

Yep, Prince William, 31, will be heading back to the University of Cambridge to attend a 10 weeks programme in agricultural management organized by the Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership, Kensington Palace announced Dec. 30.

The course has been designed to help provide Kate Middleton’s hubby with a solid “understanding of contemporary issues affecting agricultural business and rural communities in the United Kingdom.”

In Sept 2013, Prince announced his retirement from his job with the Royal Air Force to focus 24-7 on his royal duties and foundations. Per the palace, William intends to work closely with the Royal Foundation of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry and in particular to, “expand his work in the field of conservation, particularly in respect to endangered species.”

Prince William realizes that knowledge is infact extended power and intend to suck as much, as humanly possible within his 10 weeks of enrollment.

iBlab, what do you do?

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