Try Again Next Year, Yahoo Apps Did Not Make The Cut For Apple’s Top 100.


Are you freaking kidding me, Yahoo ends 2013 with no app in Apple’s top 100 despite the huge sum spent on turning Yahoo around for the better.  Yahoo’s newly found strategy is to pummel its resources into mobile business which they did, but the result still deems negative in comparison to Facebook, Snapchat et al in Apple’s top apps poll.

See, while Yahoo might not currently have the red carpet reception they so wish for, they are spreading their bets, doing alright in the Andriod’s market with repeated usage from users that have downloaded their apps, which is a good thing.

According to the latest U.S. smartphone usage statistics from Comscore, Yahoo ranks third behind Google and Facebook with a reach of nearly 78 percent. As of August, September they had better figures at (82.2 and 83.2) chronologically.

A lot of people would ask, what of Tumblr that they acquired a couple of months back for $1.1 billion, what happened to that. Well, I don’t have the answer so don’t ask. I can bet a nickel, not much but it’s still a bet that the Yahoo tech guys are even puzzled, wondering where they went wrong if a wrong algorithm was put to use, if a bad interface was the bump all this while, what?!?

iBlab, what do you do?

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