Is There Going To Be A Justin & Selena In 2014 Or Just A False Alarm?

Miracles are real and here is one, the comeback of Jelena.

The on-off couple spotted a couple of days ago segwaying with friends around Calabasas, Calif. posed together in a filtered selfie posted by Justin on his Instagram account with the caption “Love the way you look at me”. Is this all the confirmation we need to throw a “Jelena” welcome back party? We will see.

Funny how a couple of days ago listened in on a fierce debate between a group of teens, watching them have a go at eachother felt surreal as they each scrutinized their 2014 selfie wishlist, while some ruled out the prospect of a 2014 Justin & Selena selfie, some clinged on a little longer and they were right to. The first of many 2014 Justin & Selena selfie.


iBlab, what do you do?

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