‘Lone Survivor’ Review: Superb Action Sequences Anchor War Film


A lot of nonnative concepts as to how a fact-based story should be adapted into a movie is in strong debate, still is and any attempt in support of an approachable end has so far been a worthless hunt. So here’s a toast to Producer Peter Berg whose obsession has founded a breakthough in factual writing and movie adaption.

The film “Lone Survivor” is derived from the painstaking memoirs of former Navy Seal Marcus Luttrell whose trembling pen lead to a passage for literary genius. The film exposes the happenings of a brutal firefight that took place in the province of Kunar, Afghanistan involving the exchange of unfriendly gunfire when Marcus Luttrel and three other Seal amongst other Americans were deployed to a mountain in progression of Operation Red Wing: The Capture Of The Taliban Commander in 2005.

A good plan gone bad dawned on Marcus and his fellow seal buddies when they encountered a few locals and were compelled to chose between each losing a part of their soul today or abort mission and risk possible discovery.

We all know how it’s gonna end the title says that much: “Lone Survivor” and trust me that glaring revelation takes nothing away from the incredible story that was portrayed dealing with a lot of facts from the actual story. Berg went as far as using the autopsy report of the 2005 disastrous event. It’s a must watch, not to encourage violence but humanity.

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