Return Date of CW Series “Arrow,” Trailer of What Comes Next.

If you have this one amazing addiction, that is your inability to keep away from every juicy snippet that hits the web about CW Tv show Arrow, well am your enabler and Youtube is probably your drug right about now. Arrow returns JAN, 15 and Barry Allen is not dead okay, stop the false rumor. […]

Vampire Diaries Introduces A Gay Character.

Vampire Diaries is finally having its first share of a gay character, I don’t know if am meant to scream, be worried about the lips locking scenes or just accept it because its a current trend amongst popular Tv series nowadays. It’s bound to happen. According to E! The new character Luke is a darn […]

This Fall CW Network Hopes To Return With Spin-Offs Story That May Lead To Hits.

CW network announced on July 30 that its beloved hit series “Arrows” will be reprising this fall with a new spin-off story, introducing the DC Comic character, Flash as a new input in its episodes eight and nine of upcoming season before retaining an origin story in episode 20. Same goes for The Vampire Dairies […]

Amanda Righetti And Owain Yeoman Will Be Leaving CBS ‘The Mentalist’ (Spoiler)

According to a report on TVLine, Amanda Righetti and Owain Yeoman will exit CBS “The Mentalist” in upcoming season 6. The two original cast members Owain Yeoman and Amanda Righetti tagged for their individual roles as Agent Wayne Rigsby and Special Agent Grace Van Pelt in that particular order will leave the show towards the […]

Amber Tamblyn Joins ‘Two & A Half Men’ Cast As The Long-Lost Daughter Of Charlie Harper!

Amber Tamblyn will be joining the remaining cast members of the series “Two and a Half Men” in the upcoming eleventh season as the long-lost daughter of former character Charlie Harper. Amber based on new reports is set to play the character of Jenny, an illegitimate lesbian daughter of Charlie who moved to L.A to […]

Laura Bell Bundy Will Be Joining Charlie Sheen In Hit Sitcom “Anger Management”.

FX made known on Monday that Laura Bell Bundy will be joining Charlie Sheen and his fellow cast members of the beloved sitcom “Anger Management” to replace previous co-star Selma Blair, who had left the series due to a public throw-down with Charlie Sheen. According to TV Guide, Bundy play the character of Dr. Jordan […]