Try Again Next Year, Yahoo Apps Did Not Make The Cut For Apple’s Top 100.

Are you freaking kidding me, Yahoo ends 2013 with no app in Apple’s top 100 despite the huge sum spent on turning Yahoo around for the better.  Yahoo’s newly found strategy is to pummel its resources into mobile business which they did, but the result still deems negative in comparison to Facebook, Snapchat et al […]

Samsung Introduces 8Gb Mobile RAM Which Could Appear In Galaxy S5.

Samsung welcomes new 8gb mobile RAM to their enviable collection which is rumored to appear in the Galaxy S5. It has a 20 nanometer class process technology which packs onto a single die. In addition, it offers twice the data transfer rate per pin and provide an overall performance besting the contemporary best LPDDR3. The […]

Samsung Makes 110-Inch Tv Worth $150,000.

Just when I thought the Christmas give aways was coming to an abrupt end, global TV makers Samsung extends the window with massive 110 inch Tv set worth $150,000. The clarity of this Tv set might just be the necessary amount of craving geeks require to deploy the threshold of the first tech war I […]

Mobute Retweet Spree Reveals That A Lot Of People Talk About Their Hot Cousin On Twitter.

Okay this is insane been on Twitter for over a year plus now and never took note of the fact that a lot of Twitter users actually do have that hot cousin that they tweet fetish fantasies about. Some can’t keep shut about it, so they tweet about it. Mobute — a contributor for Deadspin […]

“Game Of Thrones” Wins The Dubious Honors As The Most Pirated Tv Show Of 2013.

Viewers obviously can’t get enough of the Stark household. In TorrentFreak’s annual look at this year most pirated television shows, “Game of Thrones” took home the gold medal for the second year in a row with 5.9 million estimated BitTorrent download for the season 3 finale episode only easily knocking out close adversaries “The Walking […]

Do We Want a Snapchat Internet?

Snapchat is the breakthrough technology companies have been searching for, although some are not aware of it they will! Sooner or later. A lot of skeptical beliefs about the new ephemeral internet app Snapchat, have been shared in favor of the sickening mantra that everything on the internet should actually stay on the internet; need […]

Spirit Story Box Allows You Search For Nearby Ghosts

Technology over the years has proven to have a strong adversary hold over supersition but a newly released iPhone app is clearly on the trail to unshackling the long overdue feud. Spirit Story Box available for 99 cents on Apple’s store leaps us into a hopeful dive of the mystic ‘unknown’. The app according to […]

Tumblr Founder David Karp Gets $81 Million If He Remains At Yahoo For The Next Four Years.

Yahoo whom of recent concluded the procurement of Internet blogging service Tumblr for $1.1 billion disclosed in a filing newly reported on Thursday, a rentention fee payment of $81 million if Tumbler founder, David Karp agrees to remain on the job for the next four years. Karp founded Tumblr in 2007, a few years after […]

Bill Gates Criticizes Google’s Project Loon And Silicon Valley Space Seem-Like Charity Projects

In a Thursday published interview with Bloomberg Businessweek, Bill Gates shared his very insights on fellow tech companies involvement in seem-like charity projects, alluding their entire project focus as more of a brand promotion with insignificant intent on really helping the poor. Gates was asked about Google’s Project Loon, a concept derived to conveying broadband […]

The Next iPhone Generation Comes With A Feature, That Automatically Tracks Your Comings And Goings

Apple’s new operating system for iPhones and iPads next gen iOS7, will not only keep track of your phones’ movement but also yours. Spooky right? The new insight was reportedly learnt by one of Hacker News commenter who openly disclosed that the newly installed feature will by default keep track of both yours and your […]